[ How to be a better manager]

I. General Management

  1. How to achieve continuous improvement
  2. How to improve organizational capability
  3. How to manage corporate culture
  4. How to benchmark
  5. How to delight customers

II. Business and Financial Management

  1. How to be businesslike
  2. How to make a business case
  3. How to prepare a Business Plan
  4. How to conduct Business Model innovation
  5. How to budget
  6. How to cut costs
  7. How to read a balance sheet
  8. How to use financial ratios

III. Managing People

  1. How to develop people
  2. How to coach
  3. How to handle people problems
  4. How to be a better leader
  5. How to herd cats
  6. How to motivate people
  7. How to persuade
  8. How to empower
  9. How to enhance engagement
  10. How to run a meeting
  11. How to be an effective member of a meeting

IV. Management Skills

How to communicate
  1. How to control
  2. How to coordinate
  3. How to delegate
  4. How to make things happen
  5. How to manage my boss
  6. How to manage change
  7. How to manage conflict
  8. How to manage a crisis
  9. How to manage performance
  10. How to set objectives
  11. How to manage projects
  12. How to manage risk
  13. How to manage stress
  14. How to manage time
  15. How to negotiate
  16. How to organize
  17. How to plan and prioritize
  18. How to deal with Office politics

V. Personal Skills

  1. How to assess your own performance
  2. How to get on
  3. How to develop your emotional intelligence
  4. How to be confident
  5. How to be assertive
  6. How to be decisive
  7. How to solve problems
  8. How to be both efficient and effective
  9. How to be creative
  10. How to innovate
  11. How to interview
  12. How to be interviewed
  13. How to listen
  14. How to make affective presentations
  15. How to write reports
  16. How to network
  17. How to be strategic
  18. How to think clearly
  19. How to troubleshoot
  20. How to recover from setbacks
  21. How things go wrong and how to put them right

VI. Leadership Development

  1. Create Purpose
  2. Deliver Excellence
  3. Develop Self & Others
  4. Lead Change

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